Thursday, January 16, 2014

Something fishy comes in above average

This installment of the adventures of Average Joe takes our hero to a land of chopsticks, soy sauce, miso and seaweed.

Yes, you guessed it: Schenectady. Well, Niskayuna technically. That's where Joe often ends up when a hankering for sushi strikes. Because Upper Union Street is the domain of Mr. Wasabi.

There is a surprisingly ample selection of sushi joints in the CR. (remember the OC? I think new branding is how we make the Capital Region hip again. Let's get on this, people of the CR.) For me, Mr. Wasabi hits near, or perhaps at, the top of this list.

First off, the menu is solid. Not so big as to be overwhelming, but long enough to accommodate all tastes, from California Roll (OC Roll?) lovers to sashimi snobs.

I like to get a simple sushi dinner oftentimes. Nothing crazy, just chef's choice of sushi with soup or salad. But the fish is always quality -- tasty and fresh. Equally satisfying is ordering up a few rolls to split up. Wasabi's "signature rolls" can get wild, with tempura, Sriracha and interesting wraps getting into the mix. It can be a nice departure.

Mr. Wasabi also carries a full range of Japanese dishes -- teriyaki, katsu, tempura, udon... but if you come for the sushi, that's what you'll stay for.