Friday, October 26, 2012

Are These Cider Donuts Better Than Golden Harvest Farms?

One of the special times of the year living in the Capital Region is Fall.  Sure, there's a few hundred bags of wet leaves, but this is the time of year to sample a food that New York State ought to be marketing to the world...Cider Donuts

The headline here is misleading. There is nothing like Golden Harvest Farms when it comes to donuts and their assortment of farm fresh baked goods. There is no competitor that tickles the palette like their cider donuts. And there is nothing like driving south along route 9 to get to their roadside store in Valatie. The anticipation heightens the sensations!. My sources tell me that whenever Brooklyn-born United States Senator Chuck Schumer visits Columbia County, he always makes time to go to Golden Harvest for cider donuts!  

Well, today we found a close second place. It wasn't in rural towns like Greenwich, or Greenville, but in one of my favorite destinations, downtown Schenectady.  The cider donuts we had from Villa Italia are like they came right from farmstand!  I stopped for Biscotti, Cannoli and Pizelles, but was too intrigued to not get the Cider Donuts.  My recommendation....fuggedaboutit!! Unbelievable

If you haven't been to Villa Italia (Broadway in Schenectady) or to Golden Harvest Farms (Valatie) you never had pastries.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Prime Restaurant Location in Colonie Available for Lease

According to local news outlets, the former Butcher Block-turned-now closed-Central Steak is available for lease.  Central Steak’s last meals were served in the summer.

According to The Business Review story by Pam Allen (, the listing for 1632 Central Avenue is for $150,000 per year. The report says that in 2010, the owners had invested $500,000 in the building after years of declining business.

The building is 7,660 square feet.  Ample room for a salad bar? Just sayin…

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Mexican Radio is Coming to Electric City

I know it is Tuesday, but I couldn't control myself after the news I read today. According to the paper, Schenectady will soon be the home of Mexican Radio, the best Mexican restaurant in Columbia County (NYC also has a Mexican Radio).

The Electric City Mexican cuisine keeps getting stronger as Mexican Radio joins a city favorite, Bombers.

I can't wait for the new location to open. I will be there opening night and inform all of my followers about my experiences. 

The new location will be at 325 State Street in Schenectady. According to the article, the building dates back to 1910 and once housed the imperial, a department store and then the Imperial Racing Center. 

I can taste the burritos and margaritas now. 

Friday, October 12, 2012

Exciting Travels and Hidden Treasures

Did you ever wake up in the morning and know your day was going to be a great day? Okay, maybe you haven't. This morning, I knew I was going to have a great day, filled with fun and excitement. After months of planning, my friends and I designated today for our regional treasure hunt.

We each had a list of 25 items and had to find photographic proof of each item before 2:00 p.m. Some of these items included, taking a picture with a stranger, taking a picture with a police officer and find something old. 

By the end of the day, my team lost. I don't want to tell you how bad it was, but let me say that it wasn't not a close margin. Therefore, the winning team was awarded by picking their place to eat lunch. The winning team of DeAngelo, Spencer and Andre picked The Notty Pine.

The Notty Pine is on 15th Street in Troy. I was in favor of the selection because I came here once before and had "The Mayflower". Today's lunch was more traditional as we ordered a couple pizzas.

The pizza was delicious. I am definitely a fan of the square pizza over the traditional round pizza. The crust was the perfect mix of crunchy, flaky and full or flavor. The tomato sauce is always a make-or-break to me. This time, it was a make. The sauce, full of flavor, a hint of garlic, basil, and italian seasoning, a nice selection of spices. Toppings? I wouldn't be able to write this blog if I didn't get the meat lovers pizza. The meat lovers pizza, no matter where you go is always the pizza of choice. Pepperoni, sausage and meatball all on the same pizza. Nobody can complain about this selection. I will definitely be back again for lunch.

Our pizza's were amazing and to go along with the appetizer's (chicken nachos and fried chips), it was a perfect end to the self-promoted "Capital Region Amazing Race". Next time, I will have to draft a new team for our 2nd Annual Treasure Hunt Day. Leave a comment and I will add you to the draft pool for our next Hunt in Spring 2013!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Bob's Diner has a Perfect Toaster

The last time I was in Bob’s Diner in Watervliet, it was under the same conditions as this famed scene from the movie “Swingers.” 

 It was the end of a looong evening. I was playing “fun little games” telling all the girls that I was a “race car driver.”  At least I think that’s what I was doing. I know for sure though that I did not stand on the table like Vince Vaughn did in the movie. You get the point. Let’s just say I wasn’t driving home.

I had the opportunity recently to go to Bob’s Diner as an adult for a breakfast meeting. I love the place more now than ever! I realize too that I missed a lot by only going there late night.  Eggs, bacon, sausage - just a basic breakfast with awesome toast!

In an earlier post I mentioned how you can feel the soul of a diner through a cup of coffee. Bob’s Diner has a great cup of coffee too.  I put back three and wanted a to-go cup.

Next time you’re in the neighborhood, whether it’s on your way back to the suburbs or after a fun evening at Black Bear, stop by Bob’s. 

Bob's is located at 929 19th Street in Watervliet.