Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Bob's Diner has a Perfect Toaster

The last time I was in Bob’s Diner in Watervliet, it was under the same conditions as this famed scene from the movie “Swingers.” 

 It was the end of a looong evening. I was playing “fun little games” telling all the girls that I was a “race car driver.”  At least I think that’s what I was doing. I know for sure though that I did not stand on the table like Vince Vaughn did in the movie. You get the point. Let’s just say I wasn’t driving home.

I had the opportunity recently to go to Bob’s Diner as an adult for a breakfast meeting. I love the place more now than ever! I realize too that I missed a lot by only going there late night.  Eggs, bacon, sausage - just a basic breakfast with awesome toast!

In an earlier post I mentioned how you can feel the soul of a diner through a cup of coffee. Bob’s Diner has a great cup of coffee too.  I put back three and wanted a to-go cup.

Next time you’re in the neighborhood, whether it’s on your way back to the suburbs or after a fun evening at Black Bear, stop by Bob’s. 

Bob's is located at 929 19th Street in Watervliet.

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  1. I love sitting on one of Bob's comfortable bar stools enjoying a hot coffee served in a ceramic mug (not a papercup!) in the middle of the night --- there's nothing more relaxing. It's as good as it gets.