Friday, October 26, 2012

Are These Cider Donuts Better Than Golden Harvest Farms?

One of the special times of the year living in the Capital Region is Fall.  Sure, there's a few hundred bags of wet leaves, but this is the time of year to sample a food that New York State ought to be marketing to the world...Cider Donuts

The headline here is misleading. There is nothing like Golden Harvest Farms when it comes to donuts and their assortment of farm fresh baked goods. There is no competitor that tickles the palette like their cider donuts. And there is nothing like driving south along route 9 to get to their roadside store in Valatie. The anticipation heightens the sensations!. My sources tell me that whenever Brooklyn-born United States Senator Chuck Schumer visits Columbia County, he always makes time to go to Golden Harvest for cider donuts!  

Well, today we found a close second place. It wasn't in rural towns like Greenwich, or Greenville, but in one of my favorite destinations, downtown Schenectady.  The cider donuts we had from Villa Italia are like they came right from farmstand!  I stopped for Biscotti, Cannoli and Pizelles, but was too intrigued to not get the Cider Donuts.  My recommendation....fuggedaboutit!! Unbelievable

If you haven't been to Villa Italia (Broadway in Schenectady) or to Golden Harvest Farms (Valatie) you never had pastries.

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