Friday, May 2, 2014

A Deli Fit for NYC, Right Here in the 518

I want to tell you about a little slice of unique culture that you're not going to find too many places north of The Bronx.

Gershon's Deli on Upper Union St. in Schenectady (1600 Union St., to be exact) has a rich, half-century-plus history for a good reason. From meats to cheeses to sandwiches to soups to salads, slaws and desserts, this is a true deli in every sense, right down to the metal counter.

On my latest visit here, I decided to forego the tongue and instead grad a hot pastrami sandwich (on rye of course).

You couldn't do much better than this work of art. The pastrami is both of the highest quality and piled high, the bread is sliced just right and the sandwich even comes with a pickle you'd actually want to eat. Not too bad for $8.25.

If pastrami's not your thing, there's an incredible variety on the menu, as outlined above. You can check all the options out at, but I'd recommend going over the options as you stand at the counter. You'll be glad you did, because it'll be worth the trip.