Saturday, September 29, 2012

Brunch in the Land of Jack Byrne

Want to know the thing I dislike most in the morning?  Roosters.  I know, we don’t exactly have a high population here in the Collar City.  But take a short drive outside of Downtown Troy, and you will find that the Capital Region has a fair share of farm life.  And as soon as that sound comes up…..COCKA DOODLE DO!

So if I’m going to deal with a rooster, it will not be any time near sunrise.  Which is why I recently headed up to Mechanicville for a late brunch at The Ugly Rooster.  Lets just say my opinion of roosters has done a completely 180.

Open for just over three years, The Ugly Rooster has quite a reputation, hence our 20 minute wait despite a late arrival.  But there is no complaining about that, because our meals were well worth it, especially when you consider that Mrs. Average Joe and I left more than stuffed, all for under $20. 

What’s great about going with Mrs. Average Joe, is that we order from both sides of the menu.  She prefers a healthy meal, while I tend to stick to order a meal that my Dr. probably doesn’t prefer.  The Mrs. Ordered Nick’s French Toast, stocked with a variety of fruit, creating a rather colorful plate.  I ordered a speciality that included eggs, bacon and gravy.  The name is escaping me because my entire body shut down with happiness, see the picture included and you’ll understand.

I can’t wait to go back to The Ugly Rooster and I have a special reason why.  Next time, I plan on trying the Colossal Pancake Challenge.  Two 12” pancakes, fruit filling, butter, whip cream and syrup……in 20 minutes.  The Ugly Rooster recently saw their first winner, and I look forward to joining him and getting my picture on the Wall of Fame.

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