Friday, September 7, 2012

Welcome to Jack's!

I am excited about this week's post. How can I not be excited? I finally had the opportunity to go back to Jack's Drive-In. Jack's Drive-In has been a staple to Wynantskill for as long as I can remember. The classic burger joint is more than just your average fast food restaurant.

As I approached the line with my three buddies, I was thinking about what I wanted to order. Well, it was actually more to the fact of how much I wanted to order. Jack's Drive-In can be comparable to White Castle burgers because they are small sliders with all the goods on top. Once I got to the window it wasn't difficult, I got my usual. The four burgers with "everything", cheese fries and a Pepsi.

"Everything" in Jack's terminology is cheeseburger, ketchup and caramelized onions. By far, the best part of the burger were the onions. It is difficult to describe the flavor the onions added to the burger. If you haven't been to Jack's I would recommend that you get to Jack's Drive-In before the weather changes and you won't be able to enjoy the full Jack's atmosphere.

The Fries!
Before I left, I looked around the park benches, I noticed a table of businessmen, a table where a grandfather and granddaughter were experiencing Jack's for the first time and even a table full of federal agents packing heat. Jack's is definitely a place for for everyone to enjoy a good ol' fashioned burger (with everything). Until next week, let's see how many of my followers can go to Jack's.

Cheeseburgers with "Everything"

Jack's Drive-In
24 Main Avenue
Wynantskill, NY 12198

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  1. I moved here in 68 and the place was a shack with a dirt parking lot. The new place is less dusty but still has the same smell as you drive by, enticing you to turn around and try it. I think that the old chocolate milk in the glass bottles made the place back then.