Friday, September 21, 2012

M’m! M’m! Good!

Now that's some good soup, and I'm not talking about Campbell’s soup. I’m talking about a business that is located at, ironically enough, Campbell Avenue in Troy, named Centanni’s Market. Down the hill from HVCC, Centanni’s took over the space that formerly was occupied by Barna’s Superette-Delicatessen on Burden Pond.

They have been my go-to soup place ever since they opened a couple years ago. It’s homemade goodness in every spoonful. You are never left with a bowl of broth at the end because the portions of meats and vegetables are so ridiculously high that it’s a full spoon from first dip to last. Today's choice: chicken and rice!

Staff is always friendly and helpful. Daily specials often range from meatloaf to mac and cheese or baked ziti. And that’s on top of the awesome Italian deli that offers a plethora of meats and cheeses for the sandwich of your choice.

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