Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Troy Classic: The Notty Pine Tavern

As I'm sure you can tell by now, I'm always on the lookout for solid pub fare. I had a sudden craving the other day so I started scrolling through my mental Rolodex and I remembered a place I hadn't visited in awhile. If you're a Troy native, I'm sure you've heard of the Notty Pine Tavern. It's one of the city's many landmark neighborhood taverns. If you haven't stopped in yet, you need to pencil it into your schedule, especially if you like pizza. It's located off of Hoosick Street near RPI.

The roots of the restaurant date back to 1945. While Italian-American food has always been their specialty, the menu offers an extensive selection of sandwiches from Philly Cheese Steak to Turkey Club to French Dip. On a recent trip, I switched it up and got "The Mayflower" sandwich. How can you go wrong with that classic Thanksgiving fusion?  I was a little thrown by the white bread (it's been awhile since the Missus switched the house over to wheat), but the thing was really solid. I need to put the place back in the regular rotation.

If you go, here's some advice. It's a neighborhood joint so everyone will look you over to see if they know you. It's the type of place where everyone knows almost everyone. All the regulars eat at the bar or at the booths in the bar. If you want to real experience, don't be shy about bellying up. If you're a wallflower by nature, it's also ok to go sit in the dining room too.

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