Thursday, June 16, 2011

Why I can't wait for Friday

If you are like me, you undoubtedly know that we are just hours away from one of the greatest days in our lives. Graduations, getting married, the birth of children, and the fact that Hooters is returning to the Capital Region, these are the moments that will flood your final moments before meeting Saint Peter.  That's right faithful followers, Hooters returns to the Capital City on Friday with a new restaurant on Wolf Road.

I never understood how or why they left Crossgrates a few years ago.  It was always fairly packed - maybe it was an issue of high rent.  Plus the fact that Hooters is coming back to the region, outside a mall setting with built in foot traffic, and in a down economy proves that the region can sustain the restaurant, that or maybe it was the 1,132 letters I have sent to Hooters Headquarters in recent years.

Average Joe doesn't like chain restaurants but the is one specific reason I love Hooters.  Hooters is known for its friendly environment and 14 televisions in sight no matter where you are looking.  Yet that is not the one thing that makes Hooters so great.  That one aspect of Hooters is the reason I was drawn to the parking lot on a Wednesday night just for a look.  Like a Grateful Dead fan who camps out front of the Radio Shack three days before tickets go on sale (been there, done that) I feel a magnetic force drawing me to Hooters.  It is that one thing that Hooters has that no other restaurant or chain in the world has, the one thing that keeps you coming back time and time again, the one thing that I have missed for years....... the wings. 

I know what you are thinking because people have said it to me for years, isn't that like saying you read Playboy for the articles?  To that I say, I am the exception.  I love Hooters’ wings, breaded and hot, they are simply the best.  In fact, I find the overly outgoing waitresses a little too pushy and I hate that they give you a thimble full of blue cheese then charge you for more.  Yet I over look all of that for the wings.  I can't wait for Friday.

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