Monday, May 21, 2012

Average Joe is going healthy just in time for swimsuit season

Dijon Potato Salad- easy
on my waist and my wallet.
We all know that I obviously like to eat, but lately I’ve been watching my waistline because between pasta, tacos and pizza, I’ve gained a few pounds. I decided to look for products that were wholesome, healthy and local and was recommended by a buddy to check out the Honest Weight Food Co-op located on Central Avenue in Albany. Tucked away behind a Family Dollar Store, it was a bit of a challenge to find and located in an unexpected area on Central. But, to my surprise, the parking lot was filled and the exterior was decorated with flowers and plants for sale.

The entrance brought you right to the produce section of the store, featuring in-season products and according to their website, is stocked with over 250 items available. Located off of the product section is a garden aisle, displaying all sorts of plants and seeds for sale.

As I roamed through the aisles, I couldn’t help but notice how happy and helpful the employees were. I was asked if I was looking for anything in particular a few times, and I wasn’t sure if it was because I looked confused or if it was friendly customer service.
I came across the deli department, and in front of me was a case full of pre made sandwiches, sides and salads. There was also a selection of soups, desserts and baked goods, and prepared foods from local restaurants such as Mi Linh. The Dijon potato salad caught my eye and I promptly placed it in my cart. The salad was fresh- made on that day and included celery, parsley and agave nectar (no fatty mayonnaise!).

The store not only features produce and prepared items, but cheese, meat, fish, health and body aides, bulk products and dairy. It is a full-functioning grocery store, comparable to Price Chopper and Hannaford’s, with plenty to offer both the foodie, the regular or the health conscientious.

I left with some fresh apples, strawberries, artichokes, maple syrup from Vermont, a loaf of fresh made rustic Italian bread, and homemade granola for less than $25. Oh, and the potato salad didn’t even make it to the parking lot- it was consumed right in the store's cafe.

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  1. $7.50 per pound for potato salad?!?! That's nucking futs. I know good ingredients are more expensive. But this is crazy. I'm going to hold this as an example when people tell me they don't think the HWFC is overpriced.

    My word.