Friday, June 29, 2012

The All American Food Truck

A Place for All Parties

What do all of us “Average Joes” have in common?
The simple answer: The love for food.

A better answer: the Great American Food Truck!

What is better than walking around the State Capitol on a gorgeously hot day, enjoying the scenery and lawn ornaments than adding a delicious lunch at the food trucks on Washington and State Street?

Today’s Food Truck is not just an ordinary fast food and ice cream truck. They provide more quality options than ever and at reasonable prices. To all of my avid followers, you know how much I enjoy the Pig Pit in Cohoes. As I was whistling through the lawn behind the Capitol, I came across the Pig Pit Food Truck! (Well, it isn’t really a truck, it is a van) but let’s not get stuck on technicalities. I will still call it a food truck.
The food truck had so many options, considering it is a food truck. They even had a salad for those who enjoy healthy eats. Obviously, with no additional thought, I found myself choosing the pulled pork sandwich and of course, I had the works put on top (hot sauce and cole slaw). YUM. I wanted to take in the whole atmosphere. I invited some friends to come along with me because I wanted to share the food truck experience and ate lunch on a park bench next to a couple who haven’t seen each other in a couple weeks (based on the high levels of PDA). The food was delicious!

I look forward to the next opportunity to visit the Washington and State Street Food Trucks and try the Greek Truck, the Taco truck (I wonder if they have Dorito tacos) and the refreshing Italian Ice.  

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