Friday, June 1, 2012

Breakfast With Uncle Marty

As you know, one of my favorite things is to find an urban nook and cranny. A neighborhood joint that the locals know so well they don’t consider eating there as “going out for a meal.”  But, I’m proud to say that I’m also not one of those urban agoraphobics afraid of open space and country air. I’ll go to a strip mall and not hold my nose. I’ll also hit the farm stand way out in farmland. I love this region because 15 minutes from any downtown you can smell cow country. 

I found a place in not quite cow country that everyone in the vicinity of Burden Lake, Crystal Lake, Crooked Lake and Glass Lake know and love…Uncle Marty’s Adirondack Grill.  While a bit more than a stone’s throw from the purview of the APA and more east than north (head east on 43 past the old Miller’s Market four corners and a few miles past the Lakeview Restaurant), Uncle Marty has it down pat. The big chair out front, the décor, the outdoor bar, the friendly vibe, the spacious accommodations, the fast service.

The best thing about this joint though is the food.  This has now become my favorite breakfast spot.  I’ll admit it that this place is so great I have kept it off the blog roll for months fearing that I’d have to wait to be seated. I cannot wait when I get here on the weekends. The spaciousness and fast staff ensures you never have to wait.

As far as what to order, the specials have always been terrific. The pancakes are a knockout and make it worth ordering the hearty breakfast to get a few tastes if you’re an eggs for breakfast person. Last weekend though I had the ham, cheddar and asparagus omelet, with sausage links and real potato home fries.

Mark this down on your “bucket” list or your “to do” list or your “wish” list….go have breakfast with your new Uncle Marty.

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  1. try the trout end eggs breakfast