Friday, February 1, 2013

You like what? What’s a poutine?

“Well that just sounds dirty” is the reaction that I received when I asked the wife if she liked poutine. “Come on”, I say, “…seriously you’ve NEVER had poutine?” For those of you unaware of this Canadian delight, it’s french fries covered with gravy and cheese curds.

Fast forward one month later and I’m in Montreal with some friends, that’s right another road trip, and I’m sitting down at Reuben’s on St. Catherine Street enjoying Chop Chop Poutine (traditional poutine with the addition of chopped smoked meat). I will not describe anymore, -- simply look at the picture I’ve provided – ‘nough said.

Ok – so now I’m back in the United States and I hear that “Montreal Poutine” has set up shop in Crossgates Mall. I saw the lines that formed at their booth at the Saratoga Track this year. I just never had a chance to try it. So I go to Crossgates and order my poutine with meat. Expectations were very high. The clerk didn’t seem to know the products well, the cook less. I get my poutine order in a small cardboard box. No chop chop here.

 I know they operate other locations going up the Northway. I haven’t had a chance to hit those yet. I will give it a second chance, but until then I’ll have the picture of my Chop Chop Poutine to remember some good times.

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  1. Has anyone out there tried the french fries with a splash of malt vinegar? It is a New England tradition and is really fabulous. The only local place that is in a death spiral is Long John Silvers in the Crossgates Mall. If you can find this malt vinegar at your local food store, try it, you'll love it.