Sunday, May 5, 2013

Over 40 Million Served at The Dog Shack

$1.79 for 3 Toasted hot dogs – There it is, I’m not burying the lead on this one. Gus’s, Hotdog Charlie’s and Famous Lunch have cornered the market on mini-dogs, but how about a regular dog? Travel up the Northway to Hudson Falls and you will find The Dog Shack.

The buns are toasted and Uncle Louie’s meat sauce is the best. It’s a sweet sauce that doesn’t have that deep chili, this might want to play repeats on me, feel to it. I usually grab six dogs – that’s a huge lunch for less then five dollars. Over 40 million served.

If your traveling up north to the outlets or a waterpark and have a few extra minutes to hop over to Uncle Louie’s “World Famous” Dog Shack, The Hotdog Factory, it’s well worth your money and time. The Dog Shack is located at 449 Lower Main Street in Hudson Falls.

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