Friday, September 13, 2013

New Look for a Neighborhood Staple

I remember years ago, when Junior's Bar & Grill first opened on the nondescript strip of Madison Avenue real estate in the Pine Hills neighborhood. It started off strong and has been a neighborhood staple ever since. The game plan is obviously a simple one, but carried in day in, day out by BM&T Management. Now encompassing numerous restaurant bars and restaurants in the City of Albany, we've grown accustomed to BM&T Management spoiling their customers, especially at Junior's.

Junior's Bar & Grill recently did renovations and it has been nothing but good times since. They have a menu that's solid in all category's of a great bar, especially their moonshine wings. Check out the Yelp! reviews page and this is a consistent theme running through the Junior's thread. They are some of the best wings you'll get in the Capital District. They have an excellent selection of beers on tap and have added an open bar concept that allows you to sit outside while bellying up to the bar. Big plus for this reviewer, as I was able to enjoy the end of summer weather while having a few drinks at the bar. Win-win for Junior's. 

In addition, they have a staff that cares about your experience and it's truly a neighborhood bar. With the addition of outside seating, this place just became even better. Go try Junior's and then try the other ventures being run by this management team. I'm more than happy to spend money at their venues and support their efforts to bring great establishments to our neighborhoods. 

Keep up the great work BM&T Management.

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