Monday, November 4, 2013

Showtime at Johnny's

Not too long ago I was heading to the infamous Proctors Theater for a show, and came across the newest addition to State Street Schenectady, Johnny’s Restaurant. If you are looking for a nice Italian dinner, before your performance, Johnny’s is the place to go.

Not only is the location very convenient, but Johnny’s does old school Italian, like Mom makes it, large portions with that tomato sauce that hits the spot. Not only was the food tasty, with a wide variety of options, but also the service was wonderful. I had told the waitress we were going to see a show at Proctors, so she was courteous enough to make sure our food was prepared quickly and served in time for us to get to our seats promptly.  Surprisingly, I was also seated immediately without a reservation, more brownie points!

Johnny’s meals are also very reasonably priced, for being one of the more upscale restaurants on State Street. Don’t let Johnny’s elegant interior fool you though, the restaurant still has a very casual dining atmosphere, with many people who just come to drink at their bar.  The Mallozzi family did not disappoint. So next time you find yourself at Proctors or in the downtown Schenectady neighborhood, stop into Johnny’s, your inner Italian will thank you.


  1. Sounds good, I'll have to make a stop after or maybe before a show at Proctors

  2. Another small Italian eatery that is worth the drive from Troy is Scottis on Union St. near Union College.

  3. I hate it when prices aren't posted!

    1. Sorry and surprised to see that prices aren't posted on the on-line menu.
      I have always enjoyed a meal there. A few years ago, our staff had dinner and dessert there and we all enjoyed what we ordered. The prices were reasonable.

  4. Getting back to Johnny's though--this sounds pretty good and yes the same thing for lunch is cheaper than at dinner.
    Short Rib Pizzaiola $9.95
    Braised short ribs pan seared and served with sauteed peppers in a sherry wine marinara over Ziti.