Friday, November 8, 2013

You can dress Average Joe up, but can you take him out?

By now, you’ve noticed that I try to find the best deal in town without sacrificing taste. “Baller
on a budget” if you will. But every once in awhile, you have to throw on that clip on tie, and enjoy some of our area’s finest dining. And that’s why I found myself at Albany’s best, 677 Prime for lunch recently.

First, here’s a free lesson. If you want to try a place, but don’t want to match their dinner prices, go there for lunch. The lunch menu often carries similar items, at a lesser cost.

I’ve heard a lot about 677. Apparently it’s the place to be seen in the Capital Region. I was more concerned with seeing the food, and I was not disappointed. I started with the soup special of tomato and basil. Considering my previous tomato soup experiences were from Campbell's, I was quite satisfied. For my meal, I knew I had to involve steak, as that is what 677 is known for. I went with the Open Faced Steak Sandwich, appropriate for lunch while fulfilling my desire.

I was very pleased with my visit to 677, but I know this isn’t exactly a place I will be making a regular appearance. Until I hit Mega Millions this weekend!


  1. If I may, I would like to see you review the local Chinese restaurants in the area, as opposed to the "take out only" offerings of many. I personally love the PLUM BLOSSOM, located on the top of Hoosick Street, which offers a full sit down facility with gracious and professional servers and a wonderful extended menu of culinary delight.

  2. At last, there is an alternative to eating the "take out" foods that Christine in South Troy is illegally selling from her apartment on First Street. This skanky bitch is not only an ugly cunt, but she can't cook to save her soul.

    1. I know just who you are referring to with the food service. That woman is too busy with her vast tenants and day care and providing for her criminal son, that according to a former tenant named Big Red, the son is just a criminal and low life criminal in training and lives off from his girl friend that gets beat up on a regular basis.

  3. Take your complaint to the city they can resolve the problem--and watch your language this isn't your living room.