Monday, December 9, 2013

Inside out, upside down, whatever…it's the best.

Average Joe found himself in Cohoes a couple of weeks back, taking in a matinee production at the famed Cohoes Music Hall on a Saturday afternoon with a gaggle of the Average family, several of whom were not from the area. 

“Take us somewhere local and special,” says the out-of-towners.  After a quick huddle, we caravanned down 787, ventured through the back streets of Troy and landed at 71 Division Street.  Red Front, a Troy institution for more than 50 years. (There’s a second location in Scotia, but let’s focus on the original.)

There are red-sauce palaces all over the Capital Region.  Many of them are very, very good.  Some are mom and pop joints, some are high-end establishments.  Few can surpass the staying power of Red Front and fewer still have the legions of fans that Red Front has.

Maybe it’s the diverse and well-priced menu full of Italian staples – from appetizers like fried calamari (tender and not greasy) and fried ravioli (to die for) to pasta, steak, chicken, subs, salads…whatever a big group could possibly want.

But I think it’s the pizza.  It’s not the traditional, Neapolitan version.  It’s rectangular like Sicialian, but with a light and airy crust.  And then there’s the famous Red Front COB pizza.  COB stands for Cheese On Bottom.  A little slice (ok, 6, 8, 12 or more slices) of heaven in Troy.  It’s Red Front’s red sauce that makes it work.  A little lighter and sweeter than most, it works perfectly on the COB.

And it’s worked perfectly for thousands of raving fans over the years.  Make it work for you soon.  (But watch out for the soda bill…there’s no free refills.)

Tell them Average Joe sent you.

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  1. GREAT PIZZA, if you like the grease running down your arm as you eat the pie by hand. Whatever you do, don't wear a long sleeved shirt or you will get grease drippings all over it. otherwise, wear some kind of wrist band to stop the droppings. The owner tends to be just a little loud and can best be described as a braggard.