Monday, February 13, 2012

The loss of my beloved Miss Albany

Average Joe is not ashamed to say he cried on Friday.  No, it wasn't because I watched Old Yeller or was on the wrong end of a basketball to the groin - I cried because of the loss of the Miss Albany Diner.  One of my love affairs in life, outside of Mrs. Average Joe, cheese, Star Wars, vintage snowmobiles and the 1986 New York Mets, is diners.  

The Miss Albany Diner is - was my favorite in the area.  The property was purchased by Matt Baumgartner and partners.  The rights to the name and recipes will remain with the Brown family, which owned the diner since 1988.  Mr. Baumgartner certainly knows his stuff when it comes to cutting-edge restaurants and great food.  While he has said he does not have any plans yet for the space, I'm sure it will be another home run.  He has made it clear that he is not getting into the diner business.  While I absolutely look forward to Mr. Baumgartner's next creation, it is with a heavy heart as the Miss Albany Diner is no-more.  To the Brown Family - thanks for memories, the great food and a cool place with a friendly atmosphere.    

Now I am going to have to go out and find a new #1 diner in the Region.


  1. Joe you are a Mets fan? I had no idea you were a masochist. You probably like the Jets and the Knicks too which would explain why you eat so much.

  2. I also am saddened by the loss of my favorite place for breakfast. Ever since the owner, Brownie did, it was clear that the handwriting was on the wall. I have many wonderful memories of this fantastic place with its great breakfast fare. It is a crying shame that places like this cease to exist in todays society. Even the South End Tavern in South Troy went to hell in a handbasket, right after the demise of Buddy Burke. Many of his employees were on of the main reasons for this drastic decrease in their creditility as a good venue. I thought that with the Moonie being let go and Lumpy on the rocks with his status there, and now with Mrs. Butch calling the shots and flexing her inexperience in the food industry, the only salvation is a total revamp of the joint or just get a new owner that shows concern for the food and the clients. Life goes on.

  3. Restaurants are unique to there owners. It seems that after the owner dies the "knowledgeable heirs" can't wait to change success. They sit on the edge of their seats to implement their ideas which usually begins the downward slide. Don't change the recipe I say.

  4. "Mr. Baumgartner certainly knows his stuff when it comes to cutting-edge restaurants and great food"

    Wrong. Mr. Baumgartner knows how to run a business and make money. He knows nothing about food, however, and all his establishments feature cuisine that ranges from mediocre to horrible.