Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Meet The Meat

What's the first thing that pops into your head when thinking of artisanal meats and gourmet German food? I'm sure your thoughts don't wander to the reaches of the City of Albany. 

Rolf's Pork Store has been curing, smoking, cutting and serving some of the finest meats in the region for over 50 years.  Want a ham? Got it. Rabbit? Got it.  All the German works straight from the Deutschland? You bet they got it.  Plus, shame on you for having to learn it here first.  On a recent weekend, a friend and I stopped in to witness their craftsmanship first hand and we literally apologized to our stomachs for not coming here earlier.  Oh the shame...

This is a place foodies, blue collar and any walk of Joe from the street would love.  Pam Anderson and PETA, not so much.  Take the time to stop in and support this locally owned butcher.  They take great pride in offering a great variety of food for our area and do it in a way that has since been a lost art form in food service.  Owner, Glen Eggelhoefer, takes the time to talk, give samples and provide you with a great meal for the family, your crew of friends or a nice combo to make an enjoyable meal memorable.

Check them out.  You will not be disappointed.  As the old Saturday Night Live skit with Dana Carvey and Kevin Nealon as Hans and Franz would say, "Hear me now und believe me later..."

For more info, click on their web site:

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