Friday, November 30, 2012

The ULTIMATE Food Experience

In my "Don't Eat the Pepper" on November 9, 2012, I asked for advice on what places my followers would like to see me visit. I have never been to an hibachi grill restaurant before and I am always looking for new and exciting places to eat. This was the perfect opportunity!

Last week, I went to Hana, a Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar located on Western Avenue in Albany. If I had to describe my experience at Hana, it would be AMAZING! I had the best time eating dinner at Hana. It should be called the Hana Experience because that is exactly what I had, an experience. I had the opportunity to experience Hana with my best friend as it was a first time for both of us, not to mention it was my birthday.

We had to try everything! I wanted to try everything! It was great! We took a look around the restaurant and requested to sit at the hibachi grill. You have an option to be seated at a regular table or at the hibachi grill. The only and obvious choice is to be seated at the grill. I wanted to get a feel for the entire hibachi experience. 

Cold Seaweed Salad
We ordered our appetizer and sushi roll and our meal. I was having a great time and I knew this was a guaranteed blog post. I took pictures all night because I wanted to share with you the full experience.

First, we received our appetizers. I ordered the Cold Seaweed salad and I was not disappointed. It had tremendous flavor and had a crunch that kept me going back for more. I strongly recommend for you to try the seaweed salad and I will be having this again. 

My friend ordered the edamame (steamed soy bean pods). I have nothing bad to say about the edamame except, do not eat the pods. I ate the entire pod on my first opportunity and my friend started to laugh at me. Apparently we have to only eat the beans inside the pods. How was I supposed to know? They look like green beans and I eat the green beans whole, I love my green beans. Why would edamame be different? Before I get too far off topic, I suggest the edamame beans too. They had a nice salty taste on the outside of the pods, like the seaweed salad, I ate all of the edamame before my friend could get his serving. 

Next on the schedule, the DYNAMITE ROLL! I have had a dynamite roll before and it was delicious, but it wasn't a DYNAMITE ROLL from Hana. Hana's DYNAMITE ROLL was amazing, full of flavor and like the seaweed salad and edamame, I couldn't stop eating. I was full before I received my main course. 

A main reason why I never eat sushi rolls is because I never really know what is inside the roll. So, the DYNAMITE ROLL includes spicy tuna, yellowtail, avocado, cream cheese with baked scallop and crabmeat on the top. The "proper" way to eat the sushi rolls (as my friend had to explain to me) was to dunk them in soy sauce and wasabi paste. For my followers who enjoys the spicy meals, add more wasabi but be warned it will get spicy, as Barney Stinson realized on How I Met Your Mother. 

The Experience - FIRE!

FOR THE MAIN EVENT: the hibachi grill.

For a hibachi dinner, you get a choice of vegetables, chicken, sirloin steak or filet mignon, lamb, shrimp, scallops, salmon, swordfish, lobsters or a combination of any two or three options.
I chose to get the filet mignon (well worth the additional $3 upgrade) and shrimp for my hibachi combination.

Encouraged:  Get the Filet Mignon
The experience was amazing as there was fire flames and Sake (never had Sake before either). It was entertaining beyond my original expectations and I will go back. I highly recommend all of my followers to go and witness the Hana Experience before the new year. The pictures below tell the entire story.

It was a fun experience and the food was amazing! I'm going back next week with more friends!

Hana Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar is located at 1620 Western Avenue, Albany, NY 12203.

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