Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Centanni’s Market Becomes Casualty of Campbell Ave's Extended Closure

My go-to soup place is gone. I’m very disappointed about this. I’m convinced that I’ll never taste a chicken and rice soup blend that good ever again. Sources have confirmed that the business suffered a significant loss when Campbell Ave was shut down for an extended period of time and was never able to recover.

RIP Centanni’s

I will truly miss you. Thank you Lynda for the great home cooking and the friendly conversation.


  1. How in the world dd the closure of Campbell Avenue effect this thriving business? It was still open, had great access, and was easy to get to. I think that the overpriced menu was their own demise, Great but expensive, this is South Troy, not Greenwich Village or Manhattan.

  2. I am sorry to find out from your posting, Joe that Centanni's closed. I've been looking and looking for a local place that has good homemade soups. It's time-consuming to make soup from scratch, but what a difference!

  3. Just had chicken and rice soup from the Ale House. It was very good and I recommend it.

  4. This place may have survived if not for the outlandish rental prices that the building owner charges. The list goes on of the "former" tenants that Barna had. Time to do a little soul searching and lower the prices a little, or even a lot to help keep thriving business in that building, not drive them out of town. As for the "road closure" being the reason for the demise of the deli, that is BS. Centannis was easy to get to and not out of the way.

  5. Best meatballs ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Anyone can buy the frozen meatballs like Centannis had, they are available at Sams Club.

  6. So sorry to see this place close. I agree with several of the opinions that this place, if they had an affordable rental price, would still be there. As for the Campbell Avenue being shut down, this did not affect Centannis due to its location, on the open section of the road. The over priced items could have also been a contributing factor in the decision to close this fabulous deli.