Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Fathead with a Heart Attack on top

May I take your order? Sure, I’ll have the Fathead, with a Heart Attack on top……it sounds so wrong, yet so right!! So one day I’m at I Love Pizza of Troy having a slice with a buddy and look across the street and see this new place called The Flying Chicken. I take note and put it on my food calendar for a future date. I finally make it there and have been back many times since.

Their menu is a whose who of chicken and more– fried chicken, wings, nuggets, chicken & waffles, biscuits & gravy, fried pickles and salads. Oh yeah… then there’s my favorite, The Fathead: boneless fried chicken, bacon & sausage gravy on a humongous biscuit. With a Heart Attack on top, of course if you choose, is a fried egg with cheese on top.

The staff is friendly and will explain any menu item or questions you may have. The environment is cozy. Good food, good people, good place. The Flying Chicken is located at 122 4th Street in Troy.

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