Friday, March 1, 2013

Spend March with Marty

So I hear there’s a job opening in Italy.  Not quite entry level.  Do you think Average Joe could be the next Pope?  I might not have the professional experience that they are looking for, but I am a Catholic who does his best to practice no meat on Fridays during Lent.  Which is why I will be spending another Friday night at the South End Tavern (or as my Dad taught me at a young age, Marty Burke’s).  The menu tonight, like every Friday, will feature a variety of seafood dishes ranging from Haddock to Scallops to Shrimp.  Not practicing Lent?  Well you have quite the menu to take advantage of.  Is there anything better than bar food?

A little history about the South End Tavern for the 7 of you who have never been.  The Tavern opened in 1934 and is currently run by its third generation of the Marty Burke family.  The most recognizable trait of the South Troy Tavern is the famous “Ladies Entrance” sign that hangs out front.  Of course you can bring the Mrs., this sign has some history dating back to the 1930s when bars were considered to be “men’s territory.” 

I’ll warn you though, I won’t be the only customer spending my Friday night at Marty Burke’s.  If you can’t make it tonight, I highly recommend you put this at the top of your list.  The Tavern has been known as a great spot for St. Patrick’s Day festivities, which are only right around the corner….


  1. I picked up a corned beef and cabbage dinner yesterday (Thursday--their special) I gotta tell you Sound End Tavern had better up it's game considerably.The meal was mediocre at best and they'll be competing with everybody for St Patrick's Day food.The leftovers weren't worth bothering with--I just threw them out. That's the second meal in the last couple months that wasn't worth the effort to stop.
    Maybe I'll come back this fall and see if it's any better.If it's still open.

  2. The place is definitely going steadily downhill since Marty Burke passed away. The fox is guarding the henhouse and it has gotten slightly better since Moonie left, now if they would fire Lumpy for good, instead of keeping him on, as he is running his own food and booze distribution from his back-pack. The days of the employees still putting money into their own pockets is still going on, known as hip pocket banking. The food quality is really bad, as are the serving size and the cost. If only Mrs. Butch stayed home and let the men run the place without her counting the French Frys and the scallops. This place used to be known for its huge meals and sandwiches, now it has gone to hell, especially the help. Time to call in RESTAURANT IMPOSSIBLE for a makeover. Butch should crack down on employee theft from his alleged trusted long time employees. I for one will never frequent the place again as it really sucks.

    1. YES, I agree with this assement of Burkies. It has really gone down-hill over the last few years and the help is killing the place. If butch would get rid of Lumpy, as he did Moonie, the place would be so much better. Hire ALL new help, replace the antiquated menu with just some simple meals, open at a reasonable time, as it used to open daily at 8:00 am and close at 01:00 or 02:00 am. The place smells of stale grease, the help is really lazy and the warm beer, to compliment the warm, not hot food, really is disguisting. Time to flush this place down the river and make it go away for good.

  3. When the cat is away, the mice will play. I know that the Horn, was banned from the joint yet he hangs around when Alex opens in the morning and stays long enough to steal whatever he can or works off. Some day, Butch will surprise everyone and come in early and shock everyone and catch the crooks in the act. Free beer, cold cuts, steaks, hamburger patties, coffee, just for making some french fries, not bad work if you can get it.

  4. Word has it that the Moonie is again hanging around the joint with his best bud, Justin Bieber. Too bad that Bieber is so much of a punk that the only thing that he can do is blow away his enemies, I reall mean blow, as with his lips. The former Troy cop that used to work there part time up until a year or so ago, is back hanging around, bragging about his great accomplishments in life, like being a lazy jerk. Atta Boy Brian.

  5. You know what may help ressurect the business atmosphere at the South End Tavern? I believe that a new wait staff of women, not just men, may turn the tide and make a more impressionable showing for this dump. Perhaps Butch should hire some females, not his wife, who would scare off customers with her attitude. Try it Butch, You may like it. It would bring the Tavern into the new century which started 13 years ago.

  6. What a unique idea! Hiring some good looking women to wait on table at the Tavern. Maybe we could have someone without an attitude to take our order, and not someone that smells like the catch of the day.

  7. I wonder if the owner saw any of these comments before St Patrick's Day.I wonder if he did anything about them.

  8. Christopher WhiteMarch 18, 2013 at 8:04 AM

    Wow... simply surprised at all of the negative comments.