Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Nacho Average Quesadilla

The snow has melted.  Birds are starting to chirp.  And new lunch spots are opening.  Yup, it’s officially spring in Troy.  After a winter that seemed to never end, 50 degrees all of a sudden feels like 80. 

So this week, I strapped on my PF Flyers and took a stroll through downtown Troy to get some exercise, but more importantly, get some lunch.  I was walking by good ol’ Shalimar when I stopped in my tracks.  A new Quesadillary (say that 3 times fast) called Muddaddy Flats.  Apparently I had not been in the area in awhile, because Muddaddy Flats opened in September of last year.  Very quickly my focus went from exercise to lunch.

With many great unique options to dress up your quesadilla, I had a tough time making a decision.  Today I settled on The Parm Bird, a variation of Chicken Parm. Great call by Average Joe.  And to make this trip better, I ran in to my buddy and Troy Legend, 3rd Street Johnny.  Johnny ordered The Kyle (chicken, bacon, bbq sauce, cheddar/jack cheese), so we did what any grown men would do…..we swapped wedges of our quesadilla.  In the spirit of the new baseball season, we went 2 for 2.

I’ll be honest, I was a little skeptical given a name that instantly made me think more post-meal.  But like always, your boy Average Joe made a great call and I have a new spot to add to my lunch arsenal.  Can’t wait to go back and try all the other quesadilla options.

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