Tuesday, August 30, 2011

In the Aftermath of Irene

My sympathy goes out to all people affected by Hurricane Irene in the Capital Region and beyond, I hope everyone is doing okay getting their lives back in order.  I just got my power back on this morning and I am doing fine.

Waking up to no electricity Monday morning was unpleasant, the milk could not be trusted and I wasn't sure how long my fridge was out for so I didn't end up eating the Lucky Charms, they didn't sound so lucky.  I started looking for breakfast elsewhere and after finding my way through uncharted routes due to road closings I ended up at the Capital City Diner I guess I'm attracted to shiny buildings.

I enjoyed at least 3 cups of coffee and a hefty plate of french toast with sausage.  It seemed pretty crowded, I'm guessing most people were in a similar situation to mine.  The food was great however I used over a dozen syrup packets, I think next time I'll have to see if they can bring me a pitcher of it. 

The Diner is located on 1709 Western Ave, you can't miss it.

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