Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Returning to Hooters, Finally!

I still remember the day Hooters left Crossgates. It was dark, dark and cold. Once they closed their doors it was like they took a part of me with them. No matter how long I searched or how many wings I tried, nothing could quite fill that void. I’ve never claimed to be a hero, but I will say I made a few phone calls and sent some letters to Hooters HQ. Now that they have returned I feel some strange magnetic force pulling me toward Wolf Road.

I wanted to savor my first visit so I started off with the deep fried pickles - an Average Joe first. The dill taste definitely got to me after a while but I did like the spices in the batter and the dipping sauce. I probably wouldn’t get them again and if I did I would only get them if I had a larger party of four or more so I could share them. A word to the wise, the only way to order the wings is to get them breaded and while you’re at it don’t mess around with the boneless ones – they’re dry and not as good, take my word for it. I don’t recommend Cajun sauce, I usually get hot or their sweet and spicy sauce. Once I saw that big mound of cheese fries and took my first bite of one of the wings I felt whole again. Everything was just as good as I remembered.

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  1. So it doesn't sound like the kicked you out when you donned your gravity-defying purple, latex gloves. Or have you reconsidered the practice, and adopted the much more effective (and socially acceptable) napkin?