Saturday, August 27, 2011

Five Guys: Hamburgers with a Side of Justice

He's the hero Baltimore deserves, not the one it needs right now.

Everybody knows Five Guys has the best burgers in town, but did you know they also have crime fighters? And stabbings apparently, but I think the french fries make up for that.

Long story short, two disgruntled former employees walk in to a Five Guys in Baltimore and decide to go all Jersey Shore on the manager. Yes I saw the show and is it just me or is Snookie looking good this season? Anyway, one of the two tough guys pulled a knife and went after the manager when suddenly Tandon Doss, a rookie wide receiver on the Baltimore Ravens stepped in and broke up the fight. The two men ran off and the manager only had a minor cut on his chin. I don't know what the Ravens were expecting from Tandon when they drafted him in the fourth round but I doubt they expected this kind of heroism off the field. I'm going to start rooting for this guy. He's not a lock to start but the Ravens need some help at WR so hopefully he can contribute, that is, when he is not fighting the Joker.

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