Friday, April 29, 2011

Looks Aren’t Everything - Five Guys Burger and Fries

Let’s clear the air right away: Five Guys makes the best burgers around. Hands down. No, they might not be pretty but they score major points where it counts: they taste great. But just because they don’t roll the red carpet out for you doesn’t mean they aren’t worth checking out. After all, even President Obama has been spotted at Five Guys. 

Before I sink my teeth into one of those juicy, made to order burgers, I always gobble down two handfuls of fries. Why? I don’t know what kind of seasonings they use but those things are so addictive. They don’t shortchange you either, they fill a cup with them and add another scoop into the bag, so you definitely get your money’s worth. Now, I normally feel pretty sick after downing a bag of fries at other restaurants, but when I’m at Five Guys I’m always amazed at just how fast I eat them and how I never seem to have enough. 

Now onto the main course: the burger. Five Guys gives you options. You can choose from dozens of toppings and sauces. That’s not to say that these burgers need it, the patties are juicy and delicious. Yeah, they're a little greasy, and if you get mayo, ketchup and mustard like I do, it’s sloppy. But they never, ever,  fail to hit the spot. Check them out next time you drive by.


  1. I've been to Five Guys around the country and find
    them to be inconsistent. At their very best they are still not as good as Jack's Hamburgers in Troy

  2. The hamburger is an excuse to eat the fries..

  3. I've been a fan of Five Guys since first bite, and I swear up and down that they run circles around In-N-Out Burger.

    My only concern is that the chain is expanding at break neck speeds, and I just hope they can maintain the same high levels of quality I've come to expect from them.