Friday, April 1, 2011

I’ll Take One Big Flat Noodle to Go Please

Ordering a pizza can be about as easy as pulling your own teeth out, especially with my family. Agreeing on where to ordering from is usually tough enough, but once you do you have to figure out what to put on your pie. Half of the time nobody cares so you have to decide yourself and make everybody happy. The other half of the time everybody has to offer their ten cents so you have to hash it out until you finally agree. Naturally nobody ever seems to want exactly the same thing as you. Come on, nobody else likes pineapple on their pizza? Anyway, the beauty of ordering Chinese food is that everybody gets to pick whatever they want and you all end up sharing it in the end. But, sometimes it still isn’t easy, especially if you order with Cosmo Kramer.

While we're on the subject of ordering out, why are my only options pizza and Chinese? Why hasn't anybody started delivering Philly cheese steaks?

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