Thursday, April 7, 2011

Looking for a Great Local Bakery?

I’ve been to a lot of restaurants, so trust me looks aren’t everything. As I’ve said before, when you go out to eat you have to manage your expectations. You don’t expect a five star décor from Gus’ Hot Dogs, you expect delicious hot dogs and that’s what you get. Schuyler Bakery falls under the same category, the building may not wow you – it’s basically just four walls, a big glass window and a door - but the cakes and treats they sell sure will.

Take a stroll through the bakery with me. When you walk inside there are rows of fresh donuts, cookies, and cakes behind every counter. Through the glass counter you can see the fudge fancies, Easter cookies, bread, and a bunch of other types of sweets. Everything is priced right and the bakery is family owned and operated so you know they aim to please. It’s not just a hometown Watervliet bakery either, people all over the Capital Region come here for their amazing treats. On Easter, it is unbelievably packed, and opens at around 5 am. Just be careful, if you don’t get there until 7 am, be ready to line up by Cummings Funeral Home. If you’re ever looking for a sugary cinnamon bun, or a fudge fancy that is completely covered in chocolate, stop by Schuyler Bakery for some of the best home-made goodies in the Capital District.


  1. also try Zachary's Pastry Shoppe in E. Greenbush on Columbia Tpke. Their pies and cakes are delicious!

  2. Schuyler's is the best! Bought wedding cake in 85; it was SO nice to be able to have the wedding cake and EAT it too. (German choc) Easter is their holiday alone--rolls!