Friday, April 22, 2011

Paolo Lombardi’s: Dine In Dash Out – Chicken Marsala

Average Joe here and, while I hate to sound like a broken record since I’ve mentioned these guys a few times already, I also think it’s high time to show you some pictures of the Dine In Dash Out dinner for six that I ordered on Wednesday. I’m sure you have heard about the generous portions Paolo Lombardi’s gives. If not, just take a look at this:

Every dinner comes with Italian bread and salad.

The dinner for six set me back $28.99. That comes out to less than $5 per person. Good luck finding a deal better than that, especially something that isn’t fast food. If you’re looking for a smaller portion than the one I got, the dinner for two is $14.99 and the dinner for four is $19.99. A word to the wise: I’m not the only “average joe” that knows about this deal so you better call your order in as early as possible. They told me they sell out pretty regularly and, if I judge by the long line that’s always wrapped around the building, it’s really popular.
Check it out if you haven’t, you can’t beat having such great food at such a low price with so little work on your end. For more information about the restaurant and a look at next week’s schedule, click here.

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