Wednesday, April 20, 2011

We're #1

Average Joe doesn't like to brag, but as many of you undoubtedly noticed, yours truly has shot up to #1 on the list of blogs on the Troy Record - Life section.  I feel an acceptance speech coming on....

"I would like to thank my parents, who both worked long hours leaving me at home to cook for my brothers and sisters.  This is when I first learned of my love for food.  I'd also like to thank countless girlfriends who couldn't cook or did such a horrible job cooking that I found myself going out to eat more often.  (Annoying music slowly starts in the background they are trying to get me to wrap up my speech)  A....a... and also I would like to thank my first grade teacher who once said that I would never, ever be a food critic blogger for a local newspaper, which seemed like an odd thing to say because Al Gore hadn't invented the internet at that time and blogs had not been heard of, thought I'm sure Mrs. Dodge was secretly trying to inspire me (MUSIC GETS LOUDER) and one last thing I want to give a SHOUT OUT TO CHEF BOYAR.....(cut to commercial).

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