Monday, April 18, 2011

BBQ Wars - "Pig Pit BBQ seeing boost since arrival of Dinosaur"

As I said in my review of Mustang BBQ, the Capital Region has its fair share of BBQ restaurants. Off the top of my head I can list: Capital Q, Dinosaur BBQ, Giffy's, Pig Pit, P.J.'s and Mustang BBQ, but there are many more. With so many choices and so much variety, the winner is the consumer. I bring this up because the Troy Record just ran an article about these "BBQ wars," centering on the effect Dinosaur BBQ's opening in Troy has had on a nearby restaurant in Cohoes that I have gone to many times, called the Pig Pit. The article is a good read and they even have a video with the owner for you to check out. Click this link  to view the article.

This gives me a great idea: starting a BBQ War feature here on Average Joe. Where is your favorite BBQ restaurant? Who should I review first?

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  1. I actually find it very hard to locate good BBQ after eating off the KCBS and FBA BBQ Competition circuit down here in Florida. I know restaurant's can't afford to cook comp style cue, but I'm just spoiled now, I guess!