Thursday, April 28, 2011

No Fly in My Soup, But What The Heck is in My Bread?

Whenever you think of the "fly in your soup," routine you typically think of a nicer restaurant. That's part of the joke – the place is too classy to have flies in their soup.

Every once in awhile even Average Joe likes to splurge on one of the region's more expensive restaurants. Sometimes it's to celebrate a special occasion, and other times it's to enjoy myself because I work so hard. And, after all these years of dining in restaurants, I’m happy to say I’ve never had fly in my soup.

So, imagine my surprise when I bit into my bread during a special trip to 677 Prime. "Waiter, my bread appears to be laced with paper!"
Let me mention two things just to be fair: 1. The rest of the food, sans paper, was very good although my waitress Maria seemed to be taking her bad day out on me. 2. I have never had paper in my cannoli's from Angelo's Villa Italia.

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