Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Summer Tradition

Kay’s Pizza in Burden Lake is a summer tradition if you grew up in Rensselaer County. Every once in awhile during the winter I would go to their website to count the days --- literally. They have a countdown clock touting the days, hours, minutes and seconds until they open in the spring. I can’t bear to look at that ticker now, as it counts the “Days left to enjoy Kay’s Famous Pizza this season” (55 days from this posting).

Don’t expect air conditioning, the ceiling fans work fine. When you walk through the door it’s game on for a seat. Someone from the wait staff may greet you hello in passing, but there’s no “wait to be seated” here. You immediately put your hunting glasses on and try to skulk around the nearest table with scraps of what was Kay’s Famous Pizza. Regulars know the advantage of going in the second entrance that leads to the main eating area. It sometimes can feel like parking at the mall in December--- even if you’ve been waiting with your blinker on for 5 minutes, someone may pull in the other side and grab the spot.

Why Kay’s? Why travel on country roads for some time to get pizza, wings and beer when I can just about get it anywhere? Does it bring back memories of a simpler time? Is it the waterside view? Maybe, but deep down those that have gone know it’s the food. It’s the perfectly cooked pizza with a soft crust and plenty of cheese and sauce. This day I choose pepperoni and bacon as my extras.

The food is ALWAYS just right. Not once can I remember something being “off”. I always start with an order of wings, extra crispy of course, and then move on to Burden Lake’s most famous of all pizzas.  Oh, sorry…. and a pitcher of beer!!! Truly a summer tradition.

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