Friday, August 24, 2012

B-rad is a Friend of Mine

Have you heard that buzz around the Collar City?  No it’s not the annual construction season.  No it’s not fireworks up at the Joe.  It’s coming from a new spot on good ol’ 5th Ave, B-rads Bistro & Catering.  Open for just over a month, B-rads has already established itself as one of Downtown Troy’s go to spots for lunch. 

My body can only handle Famous Lunch once a week, so it’s nice to have new weapons in my arsenal.  During my first pilgrimage to B-rads, I ordered conservatively, and strongly based on title.  I’m Average Joey from Troy (South Troy against the world!), so you’re crazy if you think I was ordering anything but the Troy Club. 

O-M-G.  Yup, it was so good that I just went 14 year old girl on you.  This sandwich is right up Billy Fuccillo’s alley….because it was HUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGAAAAAHHHHHH!  Turkey, bacon, lettuce (hold the tomato), WOW. 

B-rads has a new Superfan, and his name is Average Joe.  I can’t wait to go back and try all the other great options on their menu (I’m looking at you Dorito Crusted Tuna Melt).


  1. How about telling us just where in downtown Troy this place is located.

  2. It appears that AVERAGE JOE is not interested in telling the readers where the place is located in Troy. Must be he wants to keep it all to himself.

  3. Through some careful and diplomatic research, I did find the location of this venue. B Rad is located on the Northwest corner of Fifth Avenue @ Broadway, the former Rotundos diner. (probably blew the spelling).

  4. it is the old rickys bagel haven