Monday, January 21, 2013

Wine for the Arts

Wine and Dine for the Arts

Those of you active in the local dining and arts communities, are probably confused by the title given this past weekend's event.  Give Joey a second.

When it comes to food, no one loves the Capital Region more than this guy.  So I’m sure you can understand the excitement I felt when I first heard about the 2013 Wine & Dine for the Arts.  Wine for Mrs. Average Joe, Dine for Average Joe….the perfect date!  On top of that, this weekend long event is a huge fundraiser for the local arts community.  How could it go wrong?

Easy.  They forgot the food.  Not completely, but I felt like I was at a wine tasting.  Maybe it’s sour grapes (pun alert), but as the Designated Driver, I did not have nearly as much fun as Mrs. Average Joe.  Am I embellishing?  100% .  There was food, and boy was it great.  I just felt that Mrs. Average Joe got more out of her $50 than I did.

Enough pouting.  Jack’s, 677, New World Bistro.  That’s a good week of eating right there, and I got to do it all in one day.  More importantly, this day wasn’t about the wine or the food.  It was about supporting a cause.  We went on Saturday afternoon and the room was packed, with some of the top culinary experts in the area. 

Maybe I went with the wrong strategy.  I went with an empty stomach, expecting to eat like Kobayashi.  I’ll give the Wine & Dine for the Arts another chance in 2014, but this time I think I’ll check out the Slider Slam on Friday night.  I can definitely put on a show at that.

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  1. They may need to work on improving the slider slam too.
    Here is just one voice of many:

    But you are right.

    It's a great drinking event.
    It's a decent way to support a cause.
    But if you are there for the food, well... you know.

    I've been to events like this elsewhere and the chefs haven't used steam trays. Dishes are constantly being cranked out on the spot, just in time to feed hungry mouths. The best chefs find a way to make it work, and are smart about the dishes they bring to bear.