Thursday, May 12, 2011

Pig Pit

Spud Buds
A few years ago, before BBQ joints were a dime a dozen in the Capital Region, Ontario Street in Cohoes was home to a small pink restaurant named the Pig Pit. Their current location on 26 Washington Avenue in Cohoes, nixed the pink paint, but their food is just as good as it always was. If you haven’t stopped in yet I’m not really sure what you’re waiting for. I don’t think they’re in the business of handing out engraved invitations. 

I’m no stranger to the place, so take it from me: start off with the Spud Buds -- their potato skins. Those things are some of the best I’ve ever had. They fill up 4 potato halves with their pulled pork, BBQ sauce and cover it with cheese. One word comes to mind: outstanding.
Pulled pork & Cole Slaw

Now that I let the cat out of the bag, let’s move on to their pulled pork. The Pig Pit has a lot of food on their menu – you could visit a dozen times without trying everything, but from my experience the best thing they have to offer is their pulled pork. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that their pulled pork is better than Dinosaur’s. Pictures are worth a thousand words so take a look at these and at least consider putting cole slaw on top of your sandwich next time you stop in.


  1. I actually went yesterday for lunch. For $6 I got a pig in a blanket, which is essentially pulled pork in a burrito wrap, tasty fries, and a side of mac salad. Dinosaur would have been twice that. Certainly worth checkin out.

  2. I couldn't agree more. Try the pig in a blanket with coleslaw and cheddar cheese. Oh yea, let's not forget the deep fried mac n cheese and deep fried pickles. This place blows away the competition.

  3. I have to say, I have been to the Pit more than once and have always been a happy camper. However, since your review I have tried twice to stop by and pick up pulled pork and they were OUT!!!! Poor planning, poor customer service on their part. Both times I ended up at the Dino.... Might want to step it up a bit Tex if you want to play with the Big Dogs ;)

    1. Its not poor planning...its called assuring that everything is fresh so they may run out...if you prefer the "bbq" at dino by all means but I'd rather get my bbq from burger king than them

  4. PJ's in Saratoga is sooo much better than the Pig pit or Dino's.. worth the trip north!

  5. PJ's is definitely great, I'm going to have to make my way out there soon.

  6. PJ's in Saratoga doesn't even come close to the Pig Pit!