Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cafe Madison: Best Breakfast - Arrive Before 9:30am

Few morning dining treats get me as excited as the weekend breakfast at Cafe Madison. First, the homemade bread makes the best toast you'll ever have and the homefries are perfectly seasoned real cut potatoes.  Now the hard part is deciding on whether to have an omelette with fresh veggies, a perfectly cooked egg over medium or oatmeal pancakes made with real fruit (no fruit goop). The coffee is always tasty, the cafe is spic and span and the waitstaff knows how to turn over a table (ie. superfast service once you sit down no matter how slammed they are). 

The only catch is that you need to show up before 9:30 on the weekend.  It’s no problem for an early bird like me, but I've tried to go with out-of-town guests who slept in and there's typically a wait. It's worth the wait, but why not just get up a half hour early?


  1. Love Cafe Madison! Best breakfast in the Cap Region....

  2. Totally agree with everything you said - including the fast turn over (to a fault). I was there once on a busy weekend (and got their early) and was barely seated for an hour when
    my companion and I were asked to give up our seats for other patrons. Not a good thing.