Thursday, March 17, 2011

Snapshot Around Town: Part III

Formal Dining:
The final part of the Snapshot Around Town feature looks at the places you go to for the big night on the town. Maybe you’re celebrating a special occasion like a loved one’s birthday. Or perhaps this is just how you roll. Either way these are the places you bring your A-game to along with your best outfit – leave the baseball cap at home. You hope they understand the extra trouble you went through and, in turn, you feel like they are going through a little extra trouble for you. If you want to feel special or impress a date, look no further. The staff at Yono’s and dp An American Brasserie have repeatedly exceeded my expectations when it comes to service, knowledge and, of course, food. Certainly the menu at Yono’s can be intimidating and I prefer the Robinson Square location of yesteryear over today’s jammed in a hotel lobby look but once you’re inside, it’s hard for an Average Joe to not be impressed. One constant they have had from Robinson Square to the car dealership (What were they thinking?) to their current location in the heart of Downtown Albany is a professional, courteous staff. It’s hard not to feel like a celebrity in a posh Manhattan nightspot when dining on the lighter fare at dp. Ditto for its more formal big brother. It goes without saying that Yono’s menu could intimidate the layperson but you’re also paying for the experience. Besides, you have to remember to treat yourself every once in a while.

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