Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Snapshot Around Town: Part II

Sit Down Lunch:
Scheduling lunches can be difficult. There are so many things to consider like: What do my dining partners like to eat? Can we get in and out before we have to be back to our desks? I found one spot that consistently hits the mark and never leaves me disappointed. The Albany Pump Station has a menu with a great variety, even for the liquid lunchers and let’s be frank, Average Joe has had a couple mornings where the only thing that will get him to 5pm is a couple pints over lunch. All the food hits the spot and the service is top-notch. It almost seems as though they understand you might have to get back to your desk in less than 45 minutes. The servers are almost always friendly and if it appears to be a business lunch, they know how to stay out of your hair long enough to let you get done what you came to do. As far as the rich and famous of Albany I’ve observed dining there, well there’s been Mayor Jennings, former gubernatorial candidate John Faso (he lost to Spitzer and don’t think that won’t come in handy at the Elbo Room trivia night some day) and a motion picture film star by the name of Angelina Jolie.

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  1. Pump Station is a solid lunch spot..the food has gotten much better over the past few years.